Long Distance

A long distance move is a move outside provincial limits, within Canada or cross-border to the United States. (Or from the U.S. to Canada) Most often, more than one Allied agency is involved in a long distance move. The Allied system is a well coordinated network of agencies that partner together in the moving process for long distance moves.

Within Canada

When you call to arrange your move, you will receive a no-cost, no-obligation consultation in which arrangements will be made for the necessary specifics of your moving needs.In the case where you contact our office directly, we will be known as the booking agent.

If your move is being arranged for by your employer, who has made first contact and arrangements with an agency outside your area, then we may be assigned as origin agent for you as the closest Allied agent to your current place of residence.

We will then be responsible to contact you to handle consultation, estimates and any special services required, such as packing.

If you are only moving a small number of items over a long distance, then an over-the-phone consultation may suffice to prepare an accurate estimate of cost.

If you are planning to move a full household of items we will have one of our moving consultant’s visit you personally at your home to do a visual survey of the items you have to move in order give you an accurate estimate of cost, which you will receive in written form.

You may choose to do your own packing of items into boxes. (See our Packing Info section)
We have a full selection of professional-standard packing boxes, paper and tape if you do not have proper boxes and materials of your own.

You can come in to our office and buy them at the counter or we can deliver an estimated amount right to your home (if you live outside the city, a small delivery charge may apply), in which case the cost will be added to your final bill.

You may also choose to have our professional staff do a partial pack (i.e. dishes, other breakables, lamps, electronics, pictures, mirrors etc.) or a full pack of items into boxes as a part of your move, in which case, a packing team would arrive at your home the day previous to your move day to do the necessary packing and preparation..

If we are your booking agent, we will register your move with the Allied Van Lines system (your move receives a specific registration number which will appear on your official bill of lading and official paperwork), which, in turn, assigns your move to an interprovincial van heading in the direction of your destination. (If we are your origin agent, then your move will have already been registered with the Allied system)

The agent that owns and operates this van will be known as the hauling agent.This van and driver (Van Foreman) and his helper (s) will be responsible to inventory (tag with color and number coded tags and list with conditions), load and weigh your items, transport, and unload your items at your new destination, reassembling any items that have been disassembled and making sure all items are in the desired rooms and locations.

It is likely that your items will not be the only ones on this van which is why we assign a registration number to your move, and inventory your items in detail to make certain that your shipment is kept intact from loading to delivery and is track able at all times during transportation.You will receive copies of all official paperwork.

Once your items arrive at your new destination, a local Allied agent known as the destination agent will look after the final details of your move such as paperwork, unpacking (if required) and removal of empty boxes and packing material.

When your move is registered with Allied Van Lines, the date for delivery will be arranged to fall within a certain period of time called a delivery spread. The delivery spread is determined by the quantity of items you have to move and the distance they need to travel.

For example, your items will be loaded May 15 and the delivery spread will be between May 21 to May 26.
The Van Foreman responsible for transporting and delivering your items will have a schedule (called a driver’s manifest) which will outline his deliveries, locations and times. Your items will have a place in order for delivery on this manifest (first, last or some place in between).

As the driver begins to complete his manifest schedule of deliveries he will contact you at least 24 hours in advance to confirm a specific day and time for delivery in light of how the completion of his delivery schedule is progressing.

It is very important to be aware that your closing date should not fall within your delivery spread but should fall prior to projected delivery as the Van Foreman will need to keep as tight a schedule as possible.