Moving Plants

If you are moving locally, we can transport your live plants as part of your move if we have adequate space left on our truck to do so.

They should be set into boxes with the tops left open for air supply and we can load them at the end of our truck so they will be unloaded first at your new residence.

Larger plants or trees can be moved by us as long as they are properly secured in a larger carton such as a wardrobe carton.

If you do not have the proper cartons for preparing your plants for transport, you can purchase 2, 4, or 5 cubic foot cartons for small and medium sized plants, and we can bring a wardrobe carton(s) for larger plants / trees on loading day and at that time our staff can look after their preparation.

You may also choose to move them yourself in your own vehicle if space allows you to do so.

If you are moving a greater distance, you may wish to move your plants on your own or donate them to family, friends, or neighbours.

Note that we do not guarantee any live plants that we transport and no live plants can be shipped cross border.

Also note that in cold winter months, any live plant transport becomes even more risky.

Live plant transport in winter is not recommended.